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Club Tournament
Thursdays, 19 to about 24 clock
Buy-in: € 55 (including € 5 ranking tournament)
Timetable: 25/50, each 20 minutes - 4,000 starting points
max. 50 players
You play Texas Hold'em No Limit Freeze Out, according to official TDA and house rules

More information is available at 0711 90019-60 or in person on-site at the hall line.
The comprehensive manual, you can here Request or equal as PDF document download.

Paylines and Wild Symbols on the Slot Machine - Basic Knowledge

At first glance, it seems to some phone bill players as if slots are the simplest games that can be found in the casinos. But if you're new to the casino world, they might be confusing if you're not familiar with the basics. However, understanding the major components of the slot machines and their functions helps to avoid disappointment. You will not invest money in the game without making a profit. Let's start with a brief overview of the two main components of a slot machine - the lines where you make winning combinations and the wilds that increase your payouts.

The lines move across the reels of a slot and are usually read from left to right. If you bet on a payline, it will be activated. Before turning the reels, you first have to set the number of lines to be active during your game. Do not forget that the more lines you activate, the higher your odds of winning and thus your payouts. When the reels then come to a standstill, the symbols appearing on the reels will generate a payout according to the paytable that you find in each game.

There used to be slot machines with only one line and, when it came up, maybe even a bonus. A predetermined payout was made when three identical symbols appear on this payline. Now it's a little different, because modern slot machines can have 100 lines. However, these are quite rare. The average slot machines today have between 20 and 25 lines and some even offer the chance to win jackpots.

The traditional slot machines have lines that run horizontally. However, there are also slots whose paylines run vertically or horizontally across the reels. Regardless of the direction in which the rollers rotate, the same number of symbols are always crossed. For example, if you have chosen a five-reel slot machine, the activated lines will run over five icons. Screenshot (1)

Depending on the amount of coins you want to bet at, you have the option to bet on a certain number of lines. If you bet multiple coins, multiple paylines are activated on a single spin.

But if you decide only for a single coin, then only the middle line will be active. But if you want to activate a higher number of paylines, then you risk the maximum bet, because then the probability of generating a winning combination and thus a payout is much higher.

If a winning combination is generated on an inactive line, there are no wins.